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HARBOR MEMORY proposes a full documentation along the process of manufacturing-shipping-exhibiting of HARBOR | MEMORY, storytelling the hidden bond springs from Pearl River Delta Region, as a flow knot of urban-individuals, technology-community and nature-homeland, to the greater ocean-based intercontinental distribution links rooted in a comprehensive global environment. 

Both regions of the project, Pearl Delta Region and Chesapeake Bay where Baltimore located, are urban areas fueled by hybrid transportation, resulting in a hybrid of people, industry and culture. Fluxes of population perform the imagination, adventure, and creation of new homeland. The film aims to unveil more than just the industry. 

( The film will be released in April. )


HARBOR MEMORY builds up a piece of artificial landscape as a representation of the glorious history of Baltimore inner harbor.  As a memorial to the  past of wildness and a celebration to the urban present, the installation ignites the inner harbor with hundreds of pots and dreamlike light fabrics. Here, the art piece represents the no-longer-exist waterfront with artificial plants, with a narrow path through the collective territory formed by the planters as the metaphor for the still-running water. The poetic echo to the historical landscape view is educational and monumental to Baltimore and Baltimoreans.

The golden-orange colored starlight is not the only gift to the city. Presenting the idea in a form of hundreds of pots, the project invites Baltimoreans to pick up one lighting pot with them during/after the event. The cycle of individual-collective-individual is emphasized along the the engagement of the on-going exhibition.


source:  THE HISTORY OF BALTIMORE , page 26, published by city of Baltimore, department of planning

source: THE HISTORY OF BALTIMORE, page 26, published by city of Baltimore, department of planning


Tracking back to 1729, before the born of inner harbour, the place was surrounded with the water, meadow and later on with wheat. This invisible historical narrative is a vital part of the economical and cultural DNA of inner harbor and Baltimore.  




Migration-population is also a significant topic of Baltimore’s history and culture. Baltimore is one of the major U.S. immigration city and industry city. As the residents from all over the world, a close knitted integration lead to a unique melting pot culture in Baltimore. 

source:  XXS GROUP

source: XXS GROUP


The relative temporariness of settlement is critical to port region due to the highly activate transportation flow. Here we translate this temporariness to the mobility of plants, through making plants artificial with optical fiber, a key element to technology of transcontinental distances.